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CAM Follower Dealer

Cam followers are power-transmission devices with a rotary bearing core that bears load while serving as the interface between independently moving machine sections. Applications include those on rotary indexing tables and turntable conveyors, long-stroke robot transfer units (RTUs), and an array of highly customized machinery.

CAM followers are designed to run directly on surfaces such as cams, ramps, and slide ways. They are used as track rollers, cam followers, and in a wide range of linear motion systems. PGS Tech offers best CAM follower dealers & Distributor in India.



Roller Follower Dealer

Roller follower has been increasingly used to avoid the problem of excessively high flash temperatures encountered in the sliding contact with flat followers. When you need to convert rotary motion into linear motion, you're going to want to invest in some form of cam or roller follower. PGS Tech provides best Roller follower dealers & distributor in India. 

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