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 THK has developed LM Guide with Caged Ball Technology that is able to achieve a dramatic improvement in performance over conventional products. The LM Guide with Caged Ball Technology delivers a long service life and excellent high-speed performance in the same manner as roller bearings, while also eliminating maintenance for a long period of time

Since the balls are held by the ball cage in the form of a belt, they are aligned uniformly and move in a circulating manner. There is no skewing of the balls, while sudden variations in friction are also eliminated, allowing for stable movement.

The use of ball cages eliminates generation of heat caused by friction between balls resulting in excellent high-speed performance.

Grease Holding Structure (Consecutive Grease Pockets) for Long-Term, Maintenance-Free Operation, Long Service Life. Grease pockets are provided consecutively over the entire ball circulation path to constantly lubricate the balls enabling long-term, maintenance-free operation, Long Service Life.

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